#UKIP tweets its #peoplesarmy ‘in Stoke’ – except they’re in BOLTON #WalterNutty


You really couldn’t make it up. UKIP’s leader Paul Nuttall has been humiliated this week by the exposure of his false claims regarding the Hillsborough disaster – and then by the abject failure of his attempts to shift the blame onto an aide and even, unforgivably, onto the families of Hillsborough victims.

But it’s not only Nuttall who has problems with the truth. His whole party is infected with the same ‘Walter Nutty‘, ‘post-truth’ idiocy – and with the same arrogance in assuming they won’t be caught out.

UKIP’s spring conference took place over the past couple of days. In Bolton. In Bolton Wanderers’ Macron Stadium, to be precise.

Meanwhile, UKIP’s official Twitter account tweeted a picture of ‘campaigners’ – its self-styled ‘people’s army’ – ‘in Stoke’:

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