Tory council head deleted whole Twitter to remove #Grenfell tweet. And these?


Nadia Cenci, the leader of the Tory group on Ipswich council who apologised for a tweet insulting survivors of the Grenfell Tower fire – but not for a similar tweet saying she had ‘stopped listening to them’ – subsequently deleted her entire Twitter account.

She told the Ipswich Star that this was

so that none of my tweets can cause any further offence.

Deleting your entire account because of one or two tweets about a particular incident? But ‘none of my tweets’ might be read as applying more widely.

It’s easy to delete a couple of tweets, so the SKWAWKBOX wondered what else she might have been tweeting about that she might not wish others to see now there was a spotlight on her account and couldn’t be sure of cleaning completely manually.

Fortunately for those curious about the matter, there are a number of archived versions of Councillor Cenci’s…

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1 Response to Tory council head deleted whole Twitter to remove #Grenfell tweet. And these?

  1. David Hart Dyke says:

    Clearly Censi still holds the same beliefs that led to her repugnant tweets. She just doesn’t want them known to the public anymore. What an excellent example of cowardice mixed with political expediency!

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