Today’s demo. Refused a food parcel (not by us) and other happenings outside Ashton Under Lyne Jobcentre.

Source: Today’s demo. Refused a food parcel (not by us) and other happenings outside Ashton Under Lyne Jobcentre.

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“Amazed how nervous she was” – why .@theresa_may really won’t debate ‘GE17


A Dudley pensioner’s encounter may have given us the key to the real reason that Theresa ‘Chicken’ May has ducked (sorry to mix bird words) out of any debates with other party leaders.

mills on mayAs the local paper the Express and Star revealed, Graham Mills was unimpressed when he met the current Prime Minister while mowing his lawn:

I was cutting my grass at the time when I saw a load of cars pull up and she came towards me.

First of all she asked if she could walk across my lawn and I said no, not really, I have just cut it.

I started by asking her why she would not debate the other leaders on the TV and she said ‘well we meet every Wednesday’ and I said that is hardly an answer and asked if she thought she owed it to the public. Again I did not really…

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Exclusive: Progress MP ‘joins Unite’s UNWAGED section’ for GenSec vote


As regular readers of this blog will know, the contest for the position of General Secretary of Unite is underway at the moment and the campaign of challenger Gerard Coyne has been criticised for its smear-tactics and a breach of the Data Protection Act (DPA) that Coyne admitted on national radio but claimed ‘was agreed’ – which showed a poor understanding of the law, as only ‘data subjects’ can agree to data they provided to one organisation being used by someone else.

Coyne also claimed that use of the data had ‘concluded’, but this was also untrue, as further emails and texts were sent to non-Unite members this week.

It appears that these are not the limits of the lengths Labour’s right-wing faction will go to in their efforts to lever in a candidate that they hope can undermine Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

The SKWAWKBOX has learned that substantial numbers of…

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Waugh’s ‘revenge’ on Corbyn – a behind-scenes peek he might not want you to see


Last week, a large part of the mainstream media (MSM) journalist corps seemed to suffer some kind of collective hysteria.

It began with a number of minor MSM’ers acting shocked to their echo chamber after the SKWAWKBOX published an analysis of how ‘fake news’ can stem from sloppy or lazy journalism, based on the misuse of one of their tweets by other journalists. The article wasn’t even really critical of that journalist, but there was a bit of melodrama:

smith et al.jpgThe most striking thing about the thread is the sense of self-entitlement that runs through it – apparently holding them to account for their words in any way is a source of low-level astonishment.

But that sense of entitlement was writ large in the reaction a few hours later of Paul Waugh, the Executive Editor of Politics for the Huffington Post, when a member of Jeremy Corbyn’s staff dared to give a…

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Austin, Coyle et al – expel these cowardly, hypocritical bullies. And sack McNicol


Last night, the outstanding Shadow Justice Secretary Richard Burgon posted an innocuous tweet about an encounter with a couple of his constituents. It was the cue for one of the most nauseating displays of online bullying you’ll see.

And the bullies were ‘Labour’ MPs – though that needs to end immediately.

trolleyBurgon tweeted about an encounter with a schoolchild and her mother in a supermarket:

burgontesco.pngThere’s nothing objectionable in the tweet. No insult to anyone. Just the observation that people feel distanced from the members of Parliament that represent them and that it’s something that needs to change. But it was enough to infuriate some – presumably because their constituents would never recognise them in public.

The first to react this morning was Ian Austin, genuinely one the most unpleasant, immature, arrogant and least likeable MPs in any party. He has a record of bullying and odious behaviour, including letting the…

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Tories break electoral rules up to a MILLION times in W Mids mayoral campaign


In May, West Midlands voters will elect a regional (‘combined authority’) mayor for the first time. The Conservative party has made no secret of the fact that it sees success in the mayoral contest as a key to their fortunes in the area and is determined to achieve it:

bham mail toriesIt appears that ‘going all out’ includes a willingness to break electoral rules.

The Electoral Commission makes it clear that all political parties are expected to adhere to certain rules regarding their behaviour during election campaigns – including how they solicit postal votes and postal vote applications.

While parties are (surprisingly) allowed to invite voters to send applications for a postal vote to their party office, they must make it clear that the preferred application address is the local Electoral Registration Officer’s (ERO), to avoid the suspicion of tampering with applications and the potential for vote fraud:

postal conductAs the Birmingham Mail article…

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Unite’s slap-down of Watson’s desperate tactic


As the SKWAWKBOX showed this morning, Tom Watson’s ‘take-over’ smear against Labour’s Corbyn-supporting majority left was both desperate and completely hypocritical. It seems Unite agrees – and the union was scathing in its put-down of the deputy Labour leader and of the BBC, which gave him an unchallenged platform for its nonsense.

watson sweatswatsonsweatsHere it is in full:

Unite statement on Tom Watson MP’s claims on Momentum and Unite 20 March 2017

Responding to the claims made today (Monday 20 March) in the national media by Tom Watson MP, deputy leader of the Labour party, Unite’s acting general secretary Gail Cartmail said:

“Tom Watson has made claims about Unite and its general secretary Len McCluskey which are entirely inaccurate.

“As Unite has made it clear it is exclusively for our executive council to determine which organisations we affiliate to. There are no plans for Unite to affiliate to Momentum. For the…

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