S*n’s claims re ‘Corbyn’ t-shirt claims – and the reality


The S*n has published a story claiming workers producing ‘Corbyn’ t-shirts are being paid only 55p an hour for their labour – in fact, once you get beyond the headline, the t-shirts in question are made for Momentum, not for Jeremy Corbyn.

Of course, you should never assume anything in a S*n article is true, but predictably, right-wingers are using the claim as fact and trying to smear the Labour leader with it, even though he has nothing to do with where Momentum sources its t-shirts:

t-shirt smear.pngThe right, of course, is in chaos and desperate enough to use anything to smear Corbyn. But even though it’s nothing to do with him, it would be troubling were Momentum to be knowingly selling t-shirts produced by underpaid workers.

However, there’s no indication at all that Momentum had any idea. The t-shirt manufacturer, Rapanui, advertises its products as ethically sourced, so if the…

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From midwife to sick and homeless in 2yrs #PIPstories #DWP


midwife.pngLast week, the SKWAWKBOX put out an appeal for those who have suffered the abuse of the government’s PIP (Personal Independence Payment) process, which consists of multiple hoops, unrealistic appointments and constant meaningless assessments that often result in the withdrawal of payments to people whose conditions are never going to improve.

We were inundated.

The stores we received were full of bravery and anger. Some are desperate. All are harrowingly tragic. In the first of a series of those stories to raise awareness of the human cost of government callousness, the following tells of the situation of J – a senior midwife who, within just two years of a diagnosis of severe rheumatoid arthritis (RA), was unemployed, homeless and bounced around without support by the DWP (Dept of Work and Pensions) and its agents.

It is told in J’s own words, with emphases added by the SKWAWKBOX:

I was diagnosed…

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Rail body admits #DOO safety concerns in deleted report


dlsn7zewsaayo0gAs many SKWAWKBOX readers will know, the rail union RMT is in dispute with train operators in various parts of the country over their plans to remove guards from their trains in favour of ‘DOO‘ (driver-only operation).

Employers and the Establishment media have painted rail workers – like the mistreated refuse workers in Birmingham – as selfish hard-liners who don’t care about the inconvenience they impose on the public. But the unions have always insisted their primary concern is about the safety of passengers.

And new evidence shows they’re right.

The RSSB (Rail Safety and Standards Board) is – at least theoretically – an independent rail safety body. However, its directors are primarily senior directors of industry companies and it has been accused – supported by leaked evidence – by the RMT of collusion with other ‘independent’ bodies.

In 2015, the RSSB prepared a report titled “Evaluating…

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Liverpool Women’s Hospital ‘consultation’ sham


LWHLiverpool Women’s Hospital holds a place near the heart of most Scousers, who have seen their children born there or had mothers, sisters, daughters cared for. It offers multiple benefits, from an easily-accessed position outside the city centre to easy parking – and, of course, for the women it cares for it offers the huge advantage that, as its name suggests, it specialises in treating women rather than being a multi-purpose facility.

CCGs (Clinical Commissioning Groups) were created as part of then-Health Secretary Andrew Lansley’s Health and Social Care Act 2012 (HASCA) – against the wishes of a majority of health professionals, their professional bodies and the population at large, as well as breaking the Tories’ solemn promise of ‘no more top-down reorganisations of the NHS’.

Liverpool CCG wants to close “the Women’s”, as it is often referred to locally. It’s a case that exemplifies the kind of attrition of…

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Another MSM swipe at SKWAWKBOX and what it illustrates


An interesting item popped up in the Twitter feed this morning. The New Statesman‘s deputy editor had had a bit of a ‘pop’ at the SKWAWKBOX on Wednesday – it came up this morning because a follower replied and ‘tagged’ the blog:

hlewis1It’s a bit feeble, of course. The part of the article Ms Lewis showed in her tweet says “it’s unlikely” – and as a commenter on the article pointed out when it went up, ‘live’ feeds usually have a built-in delay to allow the feed to be switched if there’s a mishap or incident. Which we pointed out:

hlewis3Of course, the point about ‘it’s unlikely’ wasn’t addressed. And another respondent noticed the logical and moral hole that was dug by the claim to be aware of broadcast delays in live feeds:

hlewis4If the intent was to scoff, it didn’t go too well. Nor was it too in…

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Sky News deleted this appalling tweet while BBC ignores #CatalanReferendum


There have been terrible scenes this weekend in Catalunya, where the Catalans – denied an independence referendum by the Spanish government – have been trying to hold their own, unauthorised poll on separating from Spain. Police have been filmed perpetrating appalling violence on peaceful protesters and even innocent passers-by:

The Catalan desire for independence has been seriously under-reported by the BBC, but Sky News appears to have taken a shocking “here’s what you’ll get if you don’t toe the line” approach to its coverage – at least in this tweet:

sky catalanThe appalling tweet was later deleted, but not before it was screengrabbed by a sharp-witted reader.

Police brutality has included police not only firing rubber bullets into crowds but also stamping on the heads of civilians and throwing people down stairs:

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Independent media or the BBC to blame for trust collapse? Take a look


As the SKWAWKBOX pointed out earlier, the BBC’s Nick Robinson blames independent (and almost exclusively left) media for the collapse in public trust of the ‘MSM’ (mainstream media) – but the BBC’s own report on its activities damns the state broadcaster’s failure to even approximate impartial, even-handed treatment of Labour and the Tories.

That report is deeply incriminating – but it’s by no means the limit of available evidence on the subject. The graphic below summarises just a few of the additional ‘failures’ that have characterised the BBC’s behaviour with regard to its political reporting:

bbc bias.pngPoint number 9 is particularly apposite, given Mr Robinson’s new attribution of blame to the independent media for the fact that public trust in the MSM is at what must be an all-time low. A week is a long time in politics but it seems 22 months is an eternity in political reporting.

Finding examples

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