Tories’ evil sanction regime in a horrific nutshell


dwpp3The Tories have been censured by the UN for their vile abuse of disabled people and benefit claimants – not a fact that you will see much mentioned in the mainstream media, apart from small articles tucked away in website corners.

Even such news fails to bring home the full horror of the regime of routine abuse that the government has constructed against vulnerable people. It speaks eloquently of the international disgrace that the Conservatives have brought on this country, but less of the awful reality of that everyday abuse.

For that, we need human stories. This is one.

The husband of a severely disabled woman received a letter from the DWP (Department of Work and Pensions). Unsurprisingly, as he’s her primary and busy caregiver, by the morning of the appointment he’d forgotten about it. He told their story on Facebook:

dj82jzdx0ai5gzvFor missing that appointment, the DWP removed Mrs Rodger’s…

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Leaked, tragic letter: govt knew #Grenfell waiting to happen. Will inquiry ignore?


As the government’s public inquiry into the Grenfell Tower disaster begins, exactly three months after the terrible events took place, minds are turning again with interest that should never have waned to the fire that took so many lives and the failings that led to it.

grenfell-burnBut a leaked 2013 letter sent to a government minister acts a stark and tragic reminder of what will almost certainly not be considered at the inquiry that many are concerned is aimed at obscuring the real picture of Grenfell Tower, because its narrow scope will look only at the immediate causes of the fire and its rapid spread.

Ex-firefighter Ronnie King OBE is the Honorary Administrative Secretary of the ‘All-Party Parliamentary Group’ (APPG) for fire safety and rescue. The leaked letter is one that he sent in 2013 to then-LibDem MP Stephen Williams, who was at the time a communities minister in the…

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Journo-bias table: creator talks rationale, updated version


As the SKWAWKBOX recently covered, a ‘political commentator bias’ table published by Twitter user @the_awakened caused consternation among many journalists, matched by equal parts of interest and amusement among the politically-interested, Twitter-using public, by ranking journalists and commentators according to their perceived left-right bias.

‘Awakened’ has published the latest version of the table and spoke to the SKWAWKBOX about the rationale and methodology behind it:

ta journos.png

Why make the rankings?

As a glance at the table shows, our mainstream media (MSM) is completely biased to the right – this is dangerous for our democracy. Cue a howl of protest, but when nearly every national mainstream media outlet is consistently and relentlessly attacking a socialist Labour Party with the most petty, mundane, childish, baseless smears because it stands for a change of narrative outside of the narrow consensus of an upper middle class, Russell Group dominated industry you know things are serious.

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The EU and the slow coup against Jeremy Corbyn

Against Reaction

Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership of the Labour Party poses a threat to the rule of big business. This much is clear from the panic currently gripping the establishment, both inside and outside of the Labour Party.

But what is also apparent is that, so far, the establishment has lacked a coherent strategy for removing him. Indeed, the harder they try, the more he is lifted up by his supporters, and the more entrenched in his position he becomes.

This is in part because the very heavy-handed way in which he has been attacked. The Blairites, the representatives of capitalism in the Labour Party, have orchestrated two anti-democratic coups against his leadership. They have openly briefed against him in the Tory press. They also continue to expel members simply on the grounds of being socialists.

At every stage in their ruinous campaign, the Blairites’ intentions have been obvious and their tactics predictable…

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Tories reeling after SIX by-election losses as #CorbynSurge continues


Last night was dubbed ‘Super Thursday’ by some media outlets because it saw no fewer than fourteen council by-elections. It wasn’t ‘super’ for a Tory party now reeling from losses to Labour – and even two seats to the Greens.

The results broke down as follows:

teale.jpgThe ‘1 result to come’ was another Conservative loss. The Tories nosedived even in some of the constituencies they managed to hold – and in one lost seat their vote share fell by a massive 42 percentage points.

Tellingly, Labour also gained in Scotland while the SNP lost share – and seats:

fortissatcardonaldUnsurprisingly, the BBC made little or no mention of the results, as Twitter users pointed out:

Labour’s gains…

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Desperate minority govt trying to bypass democracy


As the Huffington Post pointed out yesterday, the government is trying to rig Parliament by passing a rule on the composition of parliamentary committees to guarantee a Tory majority on the ‘powerhouses of all prospective laws’.

hp powergrab.jpgNot content with a £1.5 billion bribe to the DUP to form a weak government, the Tories are now trying to get around its vulnerability to defeat in Commons votes – by bypassing the vote and essentially ignoring the democratic result of the General Election.

Labour called this “an unprecedented power grab by a minority government that lost its moral authority as well as its majority at the General Election“. Truer words were never spoken.

The Tories are so desperate to cling onto power and maintain their pillaging of the country that they’ve let let even any pretence of democracy fall away and are nakedly seeking to create an effective dictatorship.


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“Literally homophobia” – Young Conservatives in new Whatsapp scandal


Amid the unfolding debacle of ‘Tory Momentum’ Twitter accounts and fresh from the scandal of the ‘gassing chavs’ disgrace, Young Conservatives have embroiled themselves in a fresh Whatsapp hate-speech scandal with a series of derisory comments about gay, trans and cross-dressing people that has been leaked to the SKWAWKBOX by a disaffected member.

In the comments, young Tories – including the ‘Magnus’ and ‘EMTL’ characters at the centre of comments last week about gassing ‘chavs’ and using poor people for nazi-style bio-experiments – mock gay pupils and ballet dancers, roll their metaphorical eyes at cross-dressers and spill over into sexist talk of female ballet dancers, as well as betraying a familiarity with and attraction to ‘Thai ladyboys’ and the clubs they frequent:

ychych1ych2As he admitted to the BBC’s Daily Politics show today, Activate founder Sam Ancliff is also a member of the same Whatsapp chat.

It seems the Tory appetite…

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