Video: Corbaristas – Corbyn learns coffee skills to highlight #homelessness


Labour leader – and double peace-award winner – Jeremy Corbyn put in a shift today as a trainee barista to highlight the issues of homelessness and a charity that helps them creatively.

Corbyn was at Borough Market in London to visit the Change Please coffee cart, which trains homeless people to become baristas, pays them the London Living Wage and helps them with housing and mental health.

Showing some decent if not stellar pouring skills the Labour leader took the opportunity to highlight the contribution that homeless people can make, meeting a homeless man who won the Queen’s Medal for Bravery for saving a drowning person from the Thames and highlighting how even in adversity we can help each other:

For more information on Change Please, visit the charity’s website – and share this video to highlight the plight of the UK’s huge and increasing number of people, including 128,000…

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BBC still silent on Corbyn’s peace award – or awards


On Friday, Jeremy Corbyn received a landmark award from the International Peace Bureau, the Campaign for World Democracy and the city of Geneva. It was Corbyn’s second major international award for peace (he received a Gandhi Foundation International Peace Award in 2013). He received it jointly with world-renowned philosopher, author and political activist Noam Chomsky.

The BBC, in common with almost all the ‘MSM’, did not mention it.

At all.

The SKWAWKBOX’s was the first to publicise the news – and our article on the award went viral, such was the obvious public interest and the public’s appetite for the information.

However, the UK’s state broadcaster remains resolutely silent on the issue. In most cases of items that the BBC opts not to cover on its news channel, the corporation opts for a small mention on its news website. But apparently not in this case.

A search of the BBC…

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Tory spin can’t hide the reality of their massive bankers’ bonus



bank spin.pngAs the SKWAWKBOX publicised earlier, Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell has written an open letter – signatures are still open if you want to add yours – challenging Philip Hammond to reverse his planned £5 billion tax-cut for banks and use the money to fund childrens’ services instead.

The Tories are attempting to spin away the reality of their plan by claiming they charged the banks a levy of £14bn and are imposing a so-called ‘corporation tax surcharge’ of £9bn – but as usual, what Tories say and the reality are two different things.

Tory spin

The bank corporation tax surcharge replaces the higher bank levy. Tory bank tax changes mean a tax giveaway for banks while children’s services continue to be cut. No amount of spin can make this anything but indefensible.


The Tories were lobbied to cut bank taxes, so their tax changes are really just another…

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Corbyn peace award silence: FactCheck asks wrong question, gets wrong answer



At the weekend, the SKWAWKBOX published an article on the International Peace Bureau‘s (IPB) award to Jeremy Corbyn – and mentioned the mainstream media’s (MSM) complete lack of coverage.

The article went viral.

This afternoon, Channel 4’s FactCheck (C4FC) published an article on the MSM’s omission and concluded, basically, that it was fine.

The article claimed that the failure to mention Corbyn’s receipt of the award – jointly with world-renowned author, philosopher and political activist Noam Chomsky, often called the ‘world’s most-cited author’ – was essentially normal and unsurprising, because in other years the “prize doesn’t generally get much coverage in the UK media”.

jc fc.pngC4FC was recently the subject of a somewhat critical SKWAWKBOX article when it had to correct and water down an article that had originally claimed Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell didn’t understand government borrowing after leading economists backed his statements on the topic.

It has also…

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Author Nunns gives FT journo an object lesson in anti-Tory Twitter pwnage


Alex Nunns is the author of the excellent The Candidate, an account of the 2015 Labour leadership contest that first put Jeremy Corbyn at the head of the party. He’s also one of the Labour social media activists who have helped change the political scene.

Tories don’t know how to do social media – so the pro-Tory Financial Times leader writer Sebastian Payne might have been wiser not to jump when Nunns praised the outstanding video Corbyn made in response to a huge financial services company’s claim Labour would be bad for those who like to play the markets:

nunns 1.pngBut Payne went ahead anyway – and may already be regretting it:

payne 1Nunns seems to have a good memory. In March, Payne had tweeted his confidence about the Tories comfortable polling lead over Labour – and mocked Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbot’s prediction that Labour would ‘close the gap’ in…

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Johnson about to make idiot of himself with hypocritical ‘scathing’ attack on Corbyn


fallon johnson idiots.pngThe S*n was tonight touting – idiotically – a speech – idiotic – to be made by Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson in which, to quote the tweeted words of the article’s author, he will ‘launch a blistering attack’ on Jeremy Corbyn for supposedly claiming that Britain’s foreign policy can increase the threat of terrorism in the UK.

scum johnson idiots.pngSo far, so predictable – the Establishment’s ‘smear Corbyn at any cost’ plan is as desperate as it is repetitive.

But Johnson – and the S*n – have ostrich-sized egg on their faces, not to mention apparently very short and selective memories.

A couple of weeks before the General Election, the hapless and hopeless former Defence Secretary Michael Fallon was brilliantly ambushed by Channel 4 News’ Krishnan Guru-Murthy.

It was comedy gold:

Fallon’s spluttering outrage at what he thought was a Corbyn ‘pretext’ for terrorism is memorable, because the words turned out to…

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Most interesting thing about Momentum electoral investigation? The media coverage


The media are reporting this morning that the Electoral Commission (EC) is investigating a possible breach of spending rules by Momentum.

The most interesting thing about this is this:

The media are reporting this morning that the Electoral Commission is investigating a possible breach of spending rules by Momentum.

It took the BBC just 39 minutes from the EC’s announcement to carry its first report on the matter:

bbc mom.pngSome other media outlets were trumpeting the news even before the EC’s announcement, but the BBC’s response is the most significant – because of the enormous contrast between its reaction time this morning and its slow and negligible response to Tory election fraud revealed by the Channel 4 investigation into the Tories’ election canvassing via Blue Telecoms.

Which is still the subject of a ‘significant’ police investigation but has barely been touched by BBC News:

c4 ec signif.pngIf Momentum has breached any electoral rules…

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