Guest post: lesson from ‘Day of Rage’ – and protestors confront BoZo (video)


By Joshua Funnell

A lesson Learned from the “The Day of Rage” : The British Right are Delusional

According to a leading Twitter authority, I’m “a special kind of wanker”. AKA, a person that exercises their democratic right to protest, as enshrined in Article 11 of European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR).

Conservative MP, Michael Fabricant went further, choosing his words delicately, he described protestors like me as “fascists”. Well, if you’re going to get personal Michael, it’s worth mentioning that Fabricant holds the unenviable accolade of having the second worst hair in the Conservative party and also weirdly looks like Kevin from Kevin & Perry…

He’s right of course. It is well known that when Hitler’s Nazis attempted to seize power in the Munich Beer Hall Putsch of 1923, they did so with grammatically suspect cardboard signs, an old boom box on a trolley, plastic masks and their…

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Breaking – Ireland will block #Brexit deal if #MayDUP deal goes ahead


In a huge – and possibly mortal – blow for Tory hopes of delaying the collapse of their ‘weak and wobbly’ minority government, Ireland’s Minister for Foreign Affairs Simon Coveney has told Irish TV station RTE that the Irish Republic will vetoany Brexit deal if the UK does not ‘fully’ protect the Good Friday Agreement (GFA) and the peace process in Northern Ireland:

As there is no conceivable way that the Tories can do a deal with the DUP (Democratic Unionist Party) withoutthreatening the peace process by forsaking the UK government’s pledged impartiality, this amounts to a declaration that Ireland will veto any Brexit deal if a Tory-DUP deal goes ahead.

Putting Theresa May and her advisors in an impossible situation.

A legal challenge to any ‘MayDUP’ deal is already in preparation on the grounds that it would breach the GFA, but even more importantly, Sinn Fein

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Should we be worried City of London CEO running ‘Gold’? #Grenfell #transparency


col2.pngAs the Daily Mirror observed on Monday, Kensington and Chelsea council has – unsurprisingly – been relieved of any responsibility for the response to the Grenfell Tower tragedy:

mirror rbkc relievedThe Mirror also mentioned, in passing, that the Gold Command that has taken over the operation is headed by Chief Executive of the City of London John Barradell, but without any further comment on the matter.

But should survivors and local residents be concerned at this development?

Theresa May spoke in Parliament about the urgency of restoring the faith of those affected by Grenfell – and the wider population – in government and distrust of authority is a serious issue for those hit by the fire and its aftermath.

But the City of London’s (CoL) involvement in the operation raises serious questions about levels of accountability and transparency – because it has few obligations to either and a long history of…

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#RMT: new #strikes, evidence of #DOO ‘collusion’ among ‘independent’ bodies


The RMT rail union has announced three days of further strike action in its safety battle with rail operators over their push toward ‘driver-only operation’ (DOO) – as evidence emerges of ‘collusion’ among supposedly-independent rail bodies.

merseyrail sketch.pngThe strikes, which will affect Merseyrail, Southern and Arriva Rail North services, will take place as follows:

Southern: 10 July
Arriva: 8-10 July
Merseyrail: 8 July, 10 July, 23 July

The dispute is over the demonstrable impact of switching further services to DOO on the safety and security of passengers, particularly the elderly, infirm, women travelling alone and families with children.

At the same time, evidence has emerged of email exchanges among ‘independent’ rail bodies including the Rail Safety and Standards Board on the topic of how to achieve the extension of DOO, including a statement that it is government policy to extend DOO across the entire rail network – making a complete mockery…

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Video: ’42 dead in a single #Grenfell room’. Still think there’s no cover-up?


The SKWAWKBOX continues to suffer false accusations of fake news over its report of claims that a government ‘D-notice’ had been issued to withhold press information on the real number of deaths in the Grenfell Tower tragedy. This was never claimed as fact by this blog and once the government got round to answering questions from the SKWAWKBOX about the issue, this blog issued an update.

Based on the information from the government, there was no D-notice – but the government pointedly did not answer the question whether any other form of restriction was in place.

In spite of all that, on Tuesday the Independent became the latest to indulge in lazy or cynical journalism by treating those false accusations as fact. Ah well.

But the idea that the real death figures are being deliberately withheld or obscured persists, with firefighters among others alleging that the government is using changes…

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#Grenfell residents may lose custody of children if reject distant accommodation

This gallery contains 3 photos.

Originally posted on The SKWAWKBOX:
As the SKWAWKBOX covered at the weekend, in spite of promises to the contrary by Theresa May and the local council some residents of Grenfell Tower have been offered accommodation in Preston and even as…

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The people of peace and the real hate preachers #FinsburyPark


When the news of last night’s attack on innocent people leaving a mosque broke on BBC News, it was notable how slowly the channel decided to treat it as a terror incident. It was impossible to escape the conclusion that the rolling coverage would have started instantly had it been a Muslim attacking non-Muslims.

That discrepancy was bad enough. But it’s far from the worst disservice that the Establishment media have done both to our Muslim citizens and to our society by sowing division and promoting essentially racist stereotypes.

The real hate-preachers are, all too often, a British press eager to scapegoat and sow division:

hate-preacher pressTheir Tory allies are, of course, little better, including our current excuse for a Prime Minister.

By contrast, the behaviour of the targets of last night’s attack set an example that shamed a large part of the media in our civilised country – and one that…

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