“Literally homophobia” – Young Conservatives in new Whatsapp scandal


Amid the unfolding debacle of ‘Tory Momentum’ Twitter accounts and fresh from the scandal of the ‘gassing chavs’ disgrace, Young Conservatives have embroiled themselves in a fresh Whatsapp hate-speech scandal with a series of derisory comments about gay, trans and cross-dressing people that has been leaked to the SKWAWKBOX by a disaffected member.

In the comments, young Tories – including the ‘Magnus’ and ‘EMTL’ characters at the centre of comments last week about gassing ‘chavs’ and using poor people for nazi-style bio-experiments – mock gay pupils and ballet dancers, roll their metaphorical eyes at cross-dressers and spill over into sexist talk of female ballet dancers, as well as betraying a familiarity with and attraction to ‘Thai ladyboys’ and the clubs they frequent:

ychych1ych2As he admitted to the BBC’s Daily Politics show today, Activate founder Sam Ancliff is also a member of the same Whatsapp chat.

It seems the Tory appetite…

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