Labour rules say suspended members still vote. Why were they blocked in 2016?


complaints procedure coverThe Labour Party issues a guide to officers and members on the party’s complaints procedure. It makes interesting reading.

Last year, thousands of members – seemingly almost all pro-Corbyn – were suspended on largely tenuous and spurious grounds relating to their social media activity. Famously, one was suspended for expressing her love for a rock band in raw terms.

The suspensions were used to bar members from voting in the leadership election – a move seen by most members as an attempt to reduce the number of pro-Corbyn voters by a party Establishment that had no policies or personalities to check the incumbent leader’s popularity.

But Labour’s rules say suspension does not prevent a member from voting:

complaints procedureSuspended members are still allowed to attend their local branch party meetings – though many CLPs (constituency Labour parties) are not organised on a branch-meeting basis.

Suspended members are not allowed to hold…

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