#LabourManifesto: so good the Tories are STILL lying about it


mcd Tory lie stampedThe Tory PR machine, from CCHQ to its individual mouthpieces, are putting it about that the Labour Party is rowing back on its manifesto commitment to ‘wipe’ student debts:

mcd Tory lie

‘Promise broken’. The only slight problem with this claim is that Labour’s manifesto contained no such promise.

It did contain a commitment to end tuition fees immediately, including for students starting their studies in September this year. Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, when the manifesto policy was announced, said:

The Conservatives have held students back for too long, saddling them with debt that blights the start of their working lives. Labour will lift this cloud of debt and make education free for all as part of our plan for a richer Britain for the many not the few.

We will scrap tuition fees and ensure universities have the resources they need to continue to provide a world-class education. Students will benefit

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