LibDems bend over for the Tories to maintain austerity


It seems to be getting remarkably little attention, but while most of the Queen’s Speech votes in Parliament on Weds and Thursday were won by the Tories 323-309 because of their DUP supporters, the first vote on Thursday was won by the bigger margin of 323-297.

That vote was on Labour’s amendment on a variety of measures to end the institutional impoverishment of our young people and our poorest. The reason the ‘aye’ vote was 12 lower than usual is because the LibDems abstained, essentially siding with the Tories to continue penalising poor people and our aspirational youth:

As the mainstream media are not reporting it, we need to make sure voters see and understand: if you want change, if you want the UK to be a better, fairer place to live, there is no use at all in voting for a LibDem candidate who will simply duck the important…

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