Exclusive: Gardiner on the Queen’s Speech EU ‘tantrum’: ‘unhelpful’


barry-gardinerLabour’s ‘smiling assassin’ media-terroriser Barry Gardiner

Softly-spoken Labour MP Barry Gardiner, who terrorised mainstream media interviewers during the General Election campaign with his pinpoint attacks on their bias and poor journalism and talked at length to the SKWAWKBOX about his status as a reluctant social media phenomenon, has spoken again to this blog on the subject of this week’s Queen’s Speech debates and the ‘mini-revolt’ that many have dubbed a ‘tantrum’ for its apparent petulance and futility.

Gardiner, who will be in Swindon this weekend playing his part in Labour’s ongoing ‘General Election mode’ assault on Tory-held marginals, showed that he doesn’t reserve his ‘stiletto’ treatment only for mainstream interviewers – although he applies his masterly grasp of pointed understatement more when he turns it on errant parliamentary colleagues than he affords miscreant Progress directors:

bg1Gardiner was succinct on the topic of former front-bencher Chuka Umunna’s attempted EU amendment to the Queen’s Speech…

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