Anti-Corbyn MP’s CLP disenfranchises members to appoint Conference delegate


disenfranchisedIt’s a matter of record that, while talking about unity (to try to take credit for a Labour surge that has nothing to do with them) and demanding that Labour’s left-wing members (the vast majority) abandon ‘sectarianism‘, the Labour right is busily trying to organise to tighten its control of party structures and processes at this autumn’s annual Conference in Brighton, as it did by ignoring party rules and procedures during last year’s debacle in Liverpool.

The (laughably-termed) ‘moderates’ are trying to lever as many of their preferred candidates as possible into the Conference delegate count in order to vote down the democratic ‘McDonnell amendment‘ to ensure that members always have the option of a left-wing candidate in future leadership elections so that Labour remains a genuine alternative and doesn’t return to the pale imitation of the Tories that it became under Blair and worse still…

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