Anderson’s fraternisation with May is a betrayal of Liverpool and Labour


Liverpool Mayor Joe Anderson let down his city and the entire Labour movement on Saturday by his friendly welcome to Theresa May when she imposed herself on the city for Armed Forces Day.

Anderson was photographed laughing and joking with a Prime Minister who gives lame ducks a bad name – while Liverpool’s residents made their feelings clear by booing the Tory ‘leader’ and shouting ‘shame on you’:

anderson may 2anderson may 1Anderson’s friendliness was a legitimisation of a PM who has no legitimacy, is ready to be toppled – and is far from certain to survive the next week, with crucial votes on her ridiculously sparse Queen’s Speech due on Wednesday and Thursday.

He would have been far better advised to have bounced her straight out of the hugely pro-Corbyn city – or at the very least to have distanced himself from her and ignored her attempts to ingratiate herself for the cameras…

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