Video: ’42 dead in a single #Grenfell room’. Still think there’s no cover-up?


The SKWAWKBOX continues to suffer false accusations of fake news over its report of claims that a government ‘D-notice’ had been issued to withhold press information on the real number of deaths in the Grenfell Tower tragedy. This was never claimed as fact by this blog and once the government got round to answering questions from the SKWAWKBOX about the issue, this blog issued an update.

Based on the information from the government, there was no D-notice – but the government pointedly did not answer the question whether any other form of restriction was in place.

In spite of all that, on Tuesday the Independent became the latest to indulge in lazy or cynical journalism by treating those false accusations as fact. Ah well.

But the idea that the real death figures are being deliberately withheld or obscured persists, with firefighters among others alleging that the government is using changes…

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