The people of peace and the real hate preachers #FinsburyPark


When the news of last night’s attack on innocent people leaving a mosque broke on BBC News, it was notable how slowly the channel decided to treat it as a terror incident. It was impossible to escape the conclusion that the rolling coverage would have started instantly had it been a Muslim attacking non-Muslims.

That discrepancy was bad enough. But it’s far from the worst disservice that the Establishment media have done both to our Muslim citizens and to our society by sowing division and promoting essentially racist stereotypes.

The real hate-preachers are, all too often, a British press eager to scapegoat and sow division:

hate-preacher pressTheir Tory allies are, of course, little better, including our current excuse for a Prime Minister.

By contrast, the behaviour of the targets of last night’s attack set an example that shamed a large part of the media in our civilised country – and one that…

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