These are #DUP’s MINIMUM demands. Enough to destroy the GF Agreement


As readers will know, the Tories have announced an agreement with the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) to allow them to govern as a minority with ‘confidence and supply’ support from the DUP.

Two years ago, in preparation fot the expected hung Parliament at the 2015 General Election, the DUP published a list of its preconditions for their participation in any coalition:

• Protection from prosecution for Security Forces involved in collusion [with loyalist paramilitaries]
• Right to fly the Union Jack flag more on Public Buildings
• More rights for the Orange Order to march
• Removal of Sinn Fein funding for Westminster Offices
• Exclude republicans previously involved in violence from designation as Victims

It takes little imagination to foresee the impact of these demands on the Good Friday Agreement (GFA) and hence on the delicate peace in Northern Ireland.

The even grimmer news is that this list was made before

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