Famous hospital treating #London wounded RISKS NON-VIABILITY, SELLS BEDS OVERSEAS #GE17


London’s King’s College Hospital (KCH) is one of the best-known hospitals in this country. On Saturday night, as in March after the Westminster attacks, it was one of the main centres to which those injured in the horrific attacks on London Bridge and at Borough Market were rushed for treatment.

kch.pngTheresa May praised the efforts of emergency services and hospitals in their battle to save lives – but she did not, unsurprisingly, mention a shocking truth: KCH, a world-famous NHS hospital, is in such financial straits that it had to apply for an emergency loan – and is bringing private patients from the Middle East to its hospital – to try to plug the gap, as a UAE newspaper reported just over a week ago:

kch national.pngKCH’s annual report – and the above-linked article – reveal a stark picture of the impact of the Tories supposed ‘investment’ in our NHS. The Trust:

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