Tory candidate: “I don’t know what #ToryManifesto says” #GE17


A party’s election manifesto document is supposed to be its firm commitment to the electorate on the policies it will implement in government.

After a series unprecedented U-turns, Tory car-crash interviews and the exposure of their complete failure to cost any of their plans by a series of interviewers such as Andrew Neil, Krishnan Guru-Murthy and Evan Davis, it’s absolutely clear to any impartial observer that the Tory manifesto is a hastily cobbled-together insult to the intelligence of voters that’s worth neither the paper it’s written on, nor the time it takes to read it.

Surprisingly, it appears Tory candidates feel the same way.

Jacob Young is the Conservative candidate for Middlesbrough, pictured below with Theresa May in front of her campaign bus:

j young may.pngIn a Facebook exchange with a friend, he admitted to an ignorance of what the Tory party actually stands for that some might find surprising.

After a…

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