Fallon meltdown 2 (just when he thought it was safe to go back in the studio) #GE17


The Tories’ hapless spokesman, Defence Secretary (be very afraid!) Michael Fallon has done it again. After his excruciating meltdown when he was challenged by the BBC’s Evan Davis about the lack of any costings in the Tories vague manifesto, it was hard to imagine anything could be worse in terms of political car-crash television.

But this evening Fallon imploded in an even more spectacular way when he was despatched to Channel 4 to attack Jeremy Corbyn’s speech this morning on the changes needed to Britain’s foreign policy to help secure us against terrorism.

fallon meltdown 2.pngMichael Fallon meltdown #2: priceless

Fallon developed an unmerited reputation as a political hit-man after a laughable attempt to attack Ed Miliband for backstabbing his brother somehow got traction in 2015.

But he faced an entirely different order of problem in attacking Corbyn’s reasoned, measured speech that is supported by former MI5 head Stella Rimington, fully-briefed MPs…

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