Exclusive: #GE17 restarts Friday ONLY because May caved to Corbyn


As most readers will know, General Election campaigning at a local level resumed today and at a national level is set to resume tomorrow. What most readers will not know is why.

corbyn poker.pngCorbyn – outplayed Theresa May and the Tories (image by @ukDemockery)

The SKWAWKBOX was attacked earlier this week by the pro-Tory Guido Fawkes site for, among other things, mentioning that Theresa May hadn’t wanted to resume campaigning until Sunday. Fawkes claimed:

guido sunday.pngIn fact, this was incorrect, as this blog had stated that May wanted to suspend campaigning until Sunday, not that it had been ‘announced’. And in fact, it turns out that ‘until Sunday’ meant including Sunday, as Mrs May wanted no resumption of campaigning until Monday.

The SKWAWKBOX can exclusively reveal that the reason that this did not happen is because, in the clash between May and Jeremy Corbyn, Corbyn’s resoluteness caused May and her advisors…

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