Corbyn DIDN’T ‘not recognise’ Becky L-B’s spending plans. More ‘moderate’ misogynism


There is a definite strategy in play at the moment – if you can call something so vile and base a strategy – by the pseudo-Labour right to undermine prominent women in Jeremy Corbyn’s Shadow Cabinet.

The latest attack – a ‘twofer’ that also attempts to ridicule Corbyn himself – is another hatchet-piece on the PoliticsHome website. And it’s not the first time that site, which is edited by a former Sun ‘journalist’, has attacked Labour women – the same site featured a ‘shaming’ article that gave a platform to Blairite MPs to mouth off at Diane Abbott and Shami Chakrabarti for the ‘crime’ of preferring to go for a drink rather than listen to the right-wingers moan at a meeting:

ph confusion.pngThe piece references two BBC broadcasts – a Radio 4 interview this morning between Nick Robinson and Jeremy Corbyn and a Marr interview on Sunday with Rebecca Long-Bailey. It claims…

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