Bedroom Tax Was Never About Freeing Up Housing

Michelle Burns

I knew it You knew it and the people faced with ‘Bedroom Tax’ knew it!!!!!!

The BEDROOM TAX was not about freeing up houses at all. It was simply about saving money!!!!
Never mind all those poor souls that have moved and now regret doing such!!

Please take time to watch, and listen very carefully to PMQs on Weds 14th May. (27mins 30secs in)

Cameron was asked by Jonathon Reynolds MP

“As the Prime Minister has acknowledged, the number of people who are in work but who have to claim housing benefit to make ends meet is growing, but the cost of that will be an extra £5 billion over the course of this Parliament. Does the Prime Minister consider that a sign of success?”

To which Cameron replied: “……. in order to make savings housing benefit should not be paid in respect of spare rooms that people are not using….”

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