Fable 3: Glitchy Gaming To The Extreme

October 29th 2010 saw the release of the newest game in Lionhead Studio’s Fable saga, Fable 3. After playing it you are left with the thoughts “WTF?”. Never in my life have I played a game that has so many glitches in it. It’s like they never tested before it went on sale. On top of the fact that at times it is unplayable due to these glitches is the failure to deliver what was promised leading up to the game. Peter Molyneux made so many promises about the gameplay and the content of the game and there is very little of what he promised contained within the finished product (and I use the term finished lightly). The game feels rushed and unfinished.

Fable was a huge game which, due to the decisions you had to make, had you playing a completely different game each time you played. It was new and innovative. Fable 3 pales in comparison to it’s older brother. If only it had just a fraction of the gameplay and story that Fable had then maybe the glitches could be forgiven but it doesn’t. Fable 2 had it’s glitches so we all thought Lionhead would learn from the past. Instead Fable 3 is actually worse! If they’d listened to the testers and gamers then maybe the game would be playable but it seems Lionhead and it’s owner Microsoft don’t like to listen to those who buy their products. Instead they just rush out unfinished games (and consoles if you look at the “RROD” rate on Xbox 360) for quick profits. They don’t seem to realise that rushing out unfinished and glitchy products will make people think twice about buying their products in the future.Many Fable fans are unhappy with the quality of Fable 3 and have started a petition that will probably fall on deaf ears but it’s always worth a try isn’t it? The link to read and sign this petition is here. I’ve signed it and hopefully a lot more people will too.

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